Strategic Plan


The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of APWA advances professional excellence and public understanding through education, advocacy and community stewardship.


The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the APWA is the recognized leader in providing public works education, networking, advocacy and stewardship.


The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of APWA desires to promote membership in the organization through three dynamic core values:

  • Personal and Professional Development.  Providing meaningful training and education to enable members to meet the challenges of providing public works services
  • Networking and Communication.  Bringing  members together in fun and productive ways to promote growth, learning, and sharing of information
  • Stewardship and Advocacy.  Helping members discover the joy of making a difference in the lives of  others and their communities and advocating on behalf of the Public Works profession


Our stakeholders are diverse individuals, groups and organizations with a public or private interest in public works services. We serve citizens, elected representatives and appointed officials.  We also serve those who are associated with local, state and federal government activities, including consultants, contractors and vendors.

Our primary obligation is to APWA and in particular to Chapter members.  However, we also serve stakeholders who are not members of the APWA or Chapter, including employees of member organizations who are not members of the Chapter, and employees of non-member organizations.


The services we provide to our stakeholders include: forums to exchange information; education and training opportunities; enhanced communication through the Chapter newsletter and membership directory; annual meetings and networking opportunities for marketing, contracting, and introducing new technology and equipment.


The Executive Board of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter believes that member involvement is essential to the success of the Chapter and of APWA.


Goal 1.  Build up the capacity of the Chapter to better serve its members.

Key Strategies:

  • Organization. Pursue plan of chapter reorganization and the creation of branches
  • Membership. Sustain and broaden Association and Chapter membership
  • Leadership. Ensure proactive involvement in the Chapter now and in the future. Provide opportunities for technical committee members to participate in chapter leadership activities.
  • Administration and Finance. Provide effective administration of Chapter business functions and efficient financial management
  • Education and Outreach. Continue to provide and contribute to public forums for training, exchanging information and sharing professional experiences
  • Marketing and Communication. Promote awareness of and involvement in the Chapter, in public works events and issues, and in our communities

Goal 2. Promote the strategic agenda of APWA in Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland.

Key Strategies:

  • National Agenda. Emphasize National APWA’s themes and priorities in the Chapter’s programs and communications
  • Certification and Accreditation. Support APWA’s credentialing programs
  • Awareness and Recognition. Expand the perception of what is Public Works and the importance of contributions by public works professionals to society

Cooperation and Advocacy. Build relationships with other professionals and professional organizations to promote the value of APWA

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