Committee Chair: Darryl Syler, CPFP- City of Alexandria, Chief Fleet Management

The purpose of this committee is to function as a bridge between the APWA Center for Sustainability and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter to promote sustainability best practices and help address pressing sustainability issues facing Chapter members.  The Sustainability Committee is led by a Chair appointed by the Chapter President.

Outcome Goals:

  • Raising awareness among Chapter members of the work of the APWA Center for Sustainability and the resources being made available to Chapter members. Communicating Chapter member resource needs to the Center on a regular basis via the Center’s regional representative.

  • Strengthening partnerships with local chapters/regional offices of national associations; statewide municipal associations; and regional offices of industry associations, by supporting issues of mutual concern; co-sponsoring activities; and mutual participation in partner events.

  • Organizing events such as lunch seminars, workshops, webinars, annual APWA Chapter conference technical sessions, etc. having a focus on sustainability related issues of interest to chapter member.

  • Surveying Chapter members to monitor awareness of sustainability best practices, gauge support for Committee initiatives, and identify sustainability resource needs.

Membership on the Sustainability Committee is open to APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter members.  Committee membership is updated yearly after the annual APWA Chapter conference.  Chapter members are encouraged to reach out to Committee members and start a conversation on how together we can partner to become a more sustainable Chapter.


APWA Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Toolkit

Upcoming Events

Sustainability Committee LinkedIn Group

Chapter Member Sustainability Programs

Town of Blacksburg, Va

City of Chesapeake, Va

City of Cumberland, Md

City of Newport News, Va

City of Richmond, Va

City of Roanoke, Va

City of Virginia Beach, Va

    Total Member : 13
  • Ms. Jennifer Privette, ENV SP
  • Mrs. Denise E. Nelson, PE, CFM, ENV SP
  • Mr. Dwayne R. D'Ardenne, CPWP-M,CSM
  • Mr. Jeffrey F. Duval
  • Ms. Diane M. Linderman, PE, PWLF
  • Ms. Nell Boyle
  • Ms. Lynne Lancaster
  • Mr. James Patteson
  • Mr. Darryl Syler, CPFP
  • Mr. John Parkinson
  • Mr. Chad Crawford, PE
  • Mr. Kelly Mattingly
  • Mr. Evan Ross Brockwell, LEED AP, PE

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