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Past Presidents

APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Past Presidents


2018 Kenneth M. Eyre, Greeley and Hansen, LLC 

2017 Dawn V. Odom, Virginia Department of Transportation

2016 Matthew F. Villareale, Prince William County

2015 Judi Hines, City of Newport News
2014 John W. Herzke, Clark Nexsen
2013 Chuck Henley, City of Colonial Heights 
2012 Dave King, City of Fredericksburg 
2011 Dave King, City of Fredericksburg 
2011 Beverly Noffsinger, URS Corporation 
2010 Clark Gibson, Region 2000 Solid Waste Board 
2009 Jamie Weist, Kimley-Horn 
2008 Reed Fowler, City of Newport News 
2007 Robert Thompson 
2006 Fred Whitley, AECOM 
2005 Fred Whitley, AECOM
2004 John Keifer, City of Norfolk 
2003 Dennis R. Johnson, PE Town of Vienna 
2002 L. Kirk Johnson 
2001 James A. McClung, City of Charlottesville 
2000 Sharyn L. Fox, Fox Consultng 
1999 R. James Henrickson, City of Bowie 
1998 N. K. Hook, Jr. 
1997 Philip E. Lamberton 
1996 Anthony R. Giancola, National Assn of County Engineers 
1995 Raymond A. Booth, English Construction 
1994 Thomas H. Hamer 
1993 John A. O'Conner 
1992 Judith M. Mueller, City of Charlottesville 
1991 Charles K. Weiss, Baltimore County MD 
1990 Joseph E. Sunday 
1989 Paul R. Swank 
1988 Wayland N. Bass
1987 Saverio A. Cortese 
1986 Alan D. Jones
1985 Robert H. Goodin
1984 C. Oral Lambert, Jr. 
1983 Howard G. High, Jr. 
1982 James A. McClung, City of Charlottesville 
1981 Francis W. Kuchta 
1980 Ray A. Vanneman 
1979 Gene L. Neff 
1978 Phillip T. Rutledge, Jr. 
1977 Edward J. Moore 
1976 H. S. Hulme, Jr., Zipnut Technology, LLC 
1975 J. M. Axelrod 
1974 E. B. Hilton, Jr. 
1973 R. S. Mangum 
1972 L. O. Bolton 
1971 A. B. Kaltenbach 
1970 C. W. Taylor 
1969 C. W. Taylor 
1968 R. L. Dodd 
1967 W. F. Clark 
1966 R. J. Lynch 
1965 C. E. Farley 
1964 H. C. Broyles 
1963 J. Gray 
1962 George W. Brown 
1961 R. H. Hajzuk 
1960 D. S. Frady 
1960 J. H. McCarthy 
1959 W. L. Rothberg 
1958 R. S. Hopson 
1957 J. D. Wright 015 


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