Preschool Activities

Roads, Bridges and Tunnels from VDOT

Let’s learn about VDOT! The Virginia Department of Transportation website has puzzles, coloring sheets and videos to help teach younger children about the work VDOT does to build, maintain and operate the roads, bridges and tunnels across Virginia. Click Here

Waste Reduction and Recycling from CVWMA

CVWMA’s web page for kids will teach young children about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste management with videos, games, crafts and additional resources.

Water and Water Conservation from Spotsylvania County

The Spotsylvania, VA Utilities Department has resources and activities for kids to learn about water and water conservationJust download and print.

Environmental Education from Accomack Planning District

The Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission has a variety of environmental education resources on their website. From an animated video about groundwater to lesson plans, puzzles and games, there’s something for all ages

Promoting Conservation with the Virginia Living Museum

WATCH AND LEARN! The Virginia Living Museum is committed to connecting students to nature through educational experiences that promote conservation.  WATCH their free educational videos about outdoor adventure, science corner, living green, science at home, awesome animal ambassadors and much more! CHECK it out at:

Bat Week Activities

Bat Week is Oct 24-Oct 31! Use this annual celebration timed with Halloween to teach kids about the important role bats play in nature. As insect eaters, pollinators, and seed spreaders, bats provide critical services for our ecosystem.  Click here to share fun facts about bats with your students as well as activities, arts and crafts, writing ideas and other projects for children to learn about bats and bat conservation during Bat Week.

4-H Resources

Last month, National 4-H Council CEO Jennifer Sirangelo spoke about the 4-H program across the country that is supporting youth education, both on and off-line.  A vast network of 4-H educators create hands-on learning activities and kits that teach skills like engineering, nutrition, and leadership. 4-H is delivered by Cooperative Extension through America’s land grant university system.  Extension offices are located in every county in America.  Click here for information about 4-H and click here to watch the interview with CEO Jennifer Sirangelo about 4-H at-home learning programs for students.


Winter’s not over yet! These bald eagles have weathered ice, snow, and frigid temperatures at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia incubating their eggs. Biologists believe the 2 eggs were laid February 11 & 14. Bald eagles, our national symbol, incubate their eggs about 35 days so you might see them hatch any day now. Watch the live eagle cam here. EagleCam is a partnership between the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Outdoor Channel, and the National Conservation Training Center. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service mission is to work with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Lorax Earth Day Activity Book

Help the Lorax save energy and protect our climate with fun puzzles and games in this Earth Day activity book! Click here to download the Activity Book.

National Pollinator Week

Bees, butterflies and bats!

June 21-27, an annual celebration of the many animals that move pollen to help plants make fruit or seeds. Project Learning Tree lists 5 easy ways to celebrate with kids and assembled a short list of fun pollinator facts and hands-on activities to help bring awareness to the ways pollinators are essential to our daily life. Click here to learn more. 


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