2019 Conference Presentations

#02 - A More Resilient Caroline County Maryland - How About Your Community

#03 - Innovative Solutions for Community Resilience

#04 - Rehabilitating For Resiliency- Preserving a City's Water Supply and Protecting Against Flooding

#06 - SCADA Monitoring System- Stormwater Pumping in the Cloud

#07 - The HOW of Pavement Management

#08 - APWA Coastal Resilience in Industrial Environments

#09 - Amphibious Structures as a Method of Flood Mitigation

#10 - Capturing Infrastructure Assets in the Field - Transitioning From Analog to Digital Data Collection Using

#11 - Structural vs Non-Structural Coastal Protection Measures - Lessons Learned in Louisiana

#12 - BMP Retrofit Planning Design and Construction Lessons Learned

#13 - Innovative Multiple Outcomes Approach Leads to Neighborhood Improvements

#14 - Crafting a Crisis Communications Plan - How to be Prepared for Any Emergency

#15 - Communicating Chemical Contaminants to Your Customers

#16 - A New Sustainable Fresh Water Supply for the City of Marco Island

#17 - Positioning Your Utility for Long-Term Resilience- Compliance with America's Water Infrastructure Act

#18 - Stop Tide Save Storage - Solutions for Flood Mitigation

#19 - How Does Sea Level Rise Increase Storm Surge - Data Fusion Ground Truthing and Future Proofing

#20 - Shifting from Reactive to Preventative - How Indianapolis is Implementing Cost Effective Solutions

#21 - Empowering Young Professionals with a Network to Lean On

#23 - Successful Stream Restoration on Private Property

#24 - National Best Lessons in Resiliency

#25 - Pivoting to the Future - Planning for Flood Resilience in Virginia Beach

#26 - Design of Manufactured Treatment Devices for Stormwater Management in Virginia Beach

#27 - Vigilantes on the Loose - How Physical Modeling of a Stormwater Pump Station Allowed for Deviation ANSI Standards

#28 - Out of Sight Out of Mind - Lessons Learned Coordinating Utilities with Large Scale Coastal Resiliency

#29 - Redundancy in Distribution - Transmission Main Installation Phase

#31 - Norfolk Navigates Flooding Risks Through Layered Resiliency Strategies

#32 - How to Comply with MS4 Compliance

#33 - Flood Mitigation Strategies for the Hague Waterfront in Norfolk

#34 - Keeping the Waves at Bay - Coastal Resilience Through Dune and Beach Restoration at Chic's Beach

#36 - Virginia Stormwater Management Program Nutrient Offsets and Why I Should Care

#37 - What if Plants Die in the Bioretention Areas

#38 - Soil Moisture- The Most Important Factor for the Survival of Street Trees

#40 - Failing to Plan is the Planning to Fail- Program Management in Disaster Recovery

#41 - It's Time to Update - Innovative Stormwater Utility Evaluation and Credits

#42 - Rolling Out the New APWA Infrastructure Report Card

#42A - Rolling Out the New APWA Infrastructure Report Card

#42B - Rolling Out the New Infrastructure Report Card

#42C - Rolling Out the New APWA Infrastructure Report Card

#44 - Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute - What's in it for you

#45 - The Owner Said On Time and On Budget But What Does That Really Mean

#47 - APWA Case Study - Successful Recovery and Partnering - George Washington Memorial Highway

#48 - Envision - The Nexus of Public Works Sustainability and Resilience


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