2017 Conference Technical Session Presentati ....

Dangerous Liaisons People, Bacteria, and Beaches 

Vacuum Extraction - Protecting What's Below

Repairing Asphalt in Wet and Cold Conditions

Constructing a Constructability Review 

Work Zone Safety - Bring Them Back Alive - Keeping Our Workers and the Public Safe

Resilient Together - Emergency Planning at the Community and Facility Level

The Little Things Matter - Incorporating Water Quality into Drainage Improvement Projects

Don't Sweep the Credit Under the Rug - An Evaluation of Street Sweeping Practices and Crediting Methodologies

Inspection of Privately Maintained Stormwater Controls for Better Performance

Free Preparedness Tools for Drinking Water and Waste Water Utilities

Green Infrastructure - What are the Real Experiences

Presidential Inauguration - Special Events on Steroids

Teaming on Public Health Issues - Public Works Can Impact Rates of Chronic Diseases

Defining Likelihood and Consequences of Failure Parameters Specific to Storm Drainage Systems

Construction of a Grade Separated Interchange in 8 Weeks

Calculating Phosphorous Removal Credits Within the Chesapeake Bay

Integrated Planning Stream Restoration and the Importance of Stakeholder Communication - Lessons from Richmond

Reducing Liability in the Work Zone

Leveraging Expert Networks to Optimize Decision-Making During Winter Operations

From Backups to Bridges - The Dominion Boulevard Story

The Uses of Full Depth Reclamation - FDR

Sustainability In Action - Stories From the Field

Mission Critical for Public Works Asset Management Part 1

Mission Critical for Public Works Asset Management Part 2

Establishing a Level of Service for Roads and Bridges that is Acceptable to Citizens and City Management

Asset Management - Performance Measures and Sustainability with a Focus on Facilities

Will the Trains Run and the Toilets Flush in Times of Acute Stresses and Shocks

Applying Asset Management Practices to Manage Your Operation in the Most Cost Effective Manner

Embedding Asset Management into the Culture of Public Works and Professional Organizations

Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute - What's In It For You

Implementing MS4 Permits and TMDL Requirements - Lessons Learned and Innovative BMPs

Taking a MarshVIEW at Envision

These Streets are Made for Walkin' and Biking

Get a Grip - Communicating With the Press, The Public, and Your Boss

Taking the 'Cus' out of Customer Service

Integrated Mosquito Management - Prince William County's Approach to Zika Virus and Other Mosquito-borne Diseases

Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Women - One Company's Approach

Retain Your Rain - How to Turn Citizens into Water Managers

Customer Service 2.0 - Meeting Customer Service Expectations in the Digital Age

Keynote Sustainably Meeting the Needs of Those We Serve


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