2019 Wednesday Workshops

Description :

New this year, Workshop Wednesday extends chapter member’s opportunity to learn and grow. These workshops will earn attendees CEUs (where applicable) and allow individuals to delve deeper into important topics.

NIST Workshop/Resilience Workshop- $50       Maureen Roskoski from National Institute of Standards and Technology will explore a practical and flexible approach to help all communities improve resilience from disasters. More Details

Stormwater Management Facilities Inspections Best Practices- $50       Kyle Logue, City of Norfolk; Overview of current regulatory drivers and commonly employed techniques for conducting stormwater management facility (SWMF) inspections . Case studies will be given on the implementation of inspection programs to underline the impacts of varying levels of service on the cost of compliance and facility maintenance . Break-out sessions will include hands-on activities that will employ various methods for inspecting SWMFs.

Event Date & Time:

5/15/2019  10:00 AM - 5/15/2019  2:00 PM

Venue :

Slover Library
235 E Plume Street, 6th Floor
Norfolk , VA , 23510

Contact Person :

Erica Trout
Email : erica@associationbuilders.com
Phone : (804) 615-1676
Company : Association Builders
Title : Chapter Administrator

Registration Items :

For Attendees:
  Wednesday Workshop- NIST/Resilience Workshop
  Wednesday Workshop- SWMF (BMP) Inspections Best Practices

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